An Honest Review for Candid Aligners

How Candid Aligners Work?

These aligners are not only affordable but are also easy to use. You can readily review and track all your changes. Knowing this will help you understand candid aligners before and after the process is done. Next, in our Candid Aligner review, we will see how candid aligners work. There are two initial steps to this.

Get the Candid Starter Kit

This is a remote option with which you can get Candid Aligners right at home. The impression kit comes with trays and putty, using which you will have to take the impression of your teeth. Once you send these back, Candid will 3-D print clear aligners for you.

In addition, you can consult your Candid orthodontist, who will devise a custom treatment plan for you. Efficient customer service is also available round the clock.

Not everyone, however, is suitable to get aligners. There are multiple reasons for this.

  • Pre-existing dental conditions such as cavities or infection, which needed to be treated before you can go for an aligner
  • Having dental implants or partial dentures or a permanent retainer
  • Severely misaligned teeth or jaw problems which can only be solved with an in-person visit to the orthodontist

Visit Candid Studio

You can also visit your nearest Candid Studio to get an in-person scan. It is free of cost. You can then send these scans. It is not necessary to meet an orthodontist to get your treatment plan from Candid.

Once you have either sent the impression or the scans, you will receive your treatment plan within three to four weeks. The plan includes your first set of Candid aligners, instructions on how to use and clean them, and how you can get your orthodontist appointments.

You need to wear the aligners for twenty-two hours daily. The doctor tracks your progress through phone scans. You can also keep track of it yourself through the Candid app. 

Features of Candid Aligners

Here are some of the features of the Candid Aligners.

  • FDA approved
  • Clear and stainless
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Aligners also come with a mild tooth whitening solution


Order Process and Pricing

All Candid services can be ordered online from their website. You can also visit-in-person Candid Studios for a free scan.

The complete Candid aligner treatment costs $2400. The full set of aligners plus the remote monitoring is included in this price. The impression kits cost only $98. However, currently, they are available at 50% off, at $47, due to the pandemic. A Candid retainer costs only $99 and has free shipping. Payment through installments is also available.

 Pros and Cons

The same as with all products, it is important to see the pros and cons involved in the Candid for teeth straightening process.


  • Highly qualified orthodontists
  • Remote facilities
  • Affordable and can be paid in installments
  • Only takes about six months
  • Efficient support available seven days a week


  • Can be uncomfortable
  • Can lead to a lisp while wearing the aligners
  • More difficult to get approved for


Candid vs. Smile Direct Club

Although the basics of both Candid and Smile Direct Club are similar, there are two major differences. Candid only works with orthodontists. They are better specialized than dentists. On the other hand, Smile Direct Club works with both. Secondly, Candid has a better remote program-the kit comes with a tool to submit teeth scans for virtual check-ups.


Candid vs. Byte

Candid and Byte work similarly. However, Byte has a faster process of only three months. It also costs less than the Candid for teeth straightening process. On the other hand, Candid works with more specialized doctors and verified manufacturers. 


Final Verdict

Candid Aligner has brought us an amazing solution for the perfect smile! With this Candid Aligner review, it is easy to see why Candid Aligners are a popular choice.