Byte vs. Candid: Best Invisible Braces Options

Nothing boosts up your confidence more than owning a beautiful smile. With perfectly leveled teeth, your smile gets the extra charms and makes you look even prettier. There are so many brands out there that are ready to provide your dream smile in no time. However, which one should you go for?

It comes as obvious to choose the best in every field. When it comes to aligned teeth, the two best options that you come across are, of course, candid and byte. Therefore, we have done the research to compare byte vs candid for at-home teeth straightening.

Candid vs Byte

Before we get on with the product reviews for these two, let us get to know them a bit more.

Candid History

Emerged from a general discussion between a group of five friends, Candid has come across as one of the leading brands for teeth aligners. The idea behind the brand was to provide healthy aligners and prettier teeth to the public.

But the catch was to not make the people pay a thousand bucks. And so, after a very successful collaboration with a leading orthodontist, Candid came in. The company first has its office in a small apartment. And now serves thousands of customers and more than 300 employees.

Byte History

The brand has its headquarters in Los Angeles and is serving thousands of customers around the world. Byte works great in providing high-quality aligners to people at very reasonable prices. The idea behind the brand was not just to provide aligners.

It also wanted to provide people with consultation from real-time orthodontists. The consultation, along with perfectly aligned teeth, helps a plethora of people across the world to achieve a beautiful smile in no time.

Does Byte or Candid work better?

Currently, the byte is using Hyperbyte technology which reduces the entire process to just three months. The process is less painful and very effective. The aligners they provide are straight cut, which improves the aligning power of the product.

Candid, on the other hand, takes around 6 months for the entire process. The aligners they use are also straight cut. However, there are various specifications that you should know about both the products.

Read below to know more.

Byte teeth aligners

Although Byte has not yet released the name of their manufacturing partners officially, they guarantee the quality of their products. The aligners they provide are made of BPA-free plastic, which is safe for oral use. The aligners they provide are known as clear aligners. 

Byte used specific technology to make the entire process of teeth aligning much simpler and quicker. The HyperByte used by the brand provides certain vibrations to the teeth that align them even better. This process reduces the aligning time to just three months.

Candid teeth aligners

Candid has publicly announced its manufacturing partners. ClearCorrect offers Candid a very high-quality set of aligners that their customers love. The aligners they provide are also approved by the FDA, that too since the year 2009.

Enjoying success for such a long time, Candid has gained a considerable amount of experience when it comes to aligners. Even Candid uses clear aligners for better results over time. Clear aligners cover the gum and can induce more pressure on the teeth to be aligned.


For a better comparison between the two, let us consider some of the features of Candid vs. Byte.


Aligners from Candid and Byte have similar appearances as they both use clear aligners. These aligners have a very clean and tidy appearance. This means the aligners will not be visible too easily. Both the companies provide you aligners without metal brackets.

Candid provides aligners that have a textured finish that mixes with the texture of your teeth. Byte, on the other hand, provides shiny and transparent aligners which are easier to distinguish.

Nighttime aligners

This is an important feature when you want to enjoy convenience while getting your teeth aligned. Byte provides a kind option which is known as nighttime. In this, you get to wear the aligners for only 10 hours instead of 22.

In simple words, you have to wear them only when you go to sleep. This gives users comfort and convenience like no other brand. Candid, on the other hand, does not have this option as of now.

Purchase and Price Information

The products offered by Byte and Candid can be easily found on their official websites. You can browse through the various categories in which they keep the products and choose accordingly. When it comes to pricing, there are specific purchasing options that the companies provide you.

With a plan of $83 every month, Byte lets you enjoy its plan, which asks you to submit a down payment of $349. However, if you for a nighttime treatment, the charges increase by $100.

Candid, on the other hand, provides treatment with $399 as a down payment. You can start by paying $99 every month.

Pros and Cons

Byte Pros

  • Uses advanced technology and reduces treatment time
  • Uses software to study face structure
  • Offer nighttime treatment plan

Byte Cons

  • Provides shiny transparent aligners
  • Does not have a publicly announced manufacturer

Candid Pros

  • Offers textured aligners
  • Has ClearCorrect as a manufacturer
  • Provides clear aligners

Candid Cons

  • It has an expensive payment plan than Byte
  • Uses no advanced technology


What is the best way to purchase Byte and Candid products?

As all the necessary information about the products are mentioned on their official websites, buying products from there is a good idea.

Are clear aligners good for your teeth?

Clear aligners make the process of aligning quicker. They induce more pressure on the teeth along with the gums.

Can we drink a beverage while keeping the aligners on?

As these products as prone to staining, drinking after removing them keeps them clean and hygienic for longer.

In The End

Although both the brands give each other quite a competition, the winner could be only one. After going by all the factors mentioned above, choosing Byte in Candid vs. Byte would serve you better in many areas.

Byte uses advanced technology, is quick, provides a better financial plan, and has very good quality teeth aligners to offer you.